N. Lawrence Mann is an American author. His works are largely described as suspenseful, but frequently incorporate components of fantasy, science fiction, and humor. His novel, Full Breach, is the first in The Blue Warp series, released in 2017. Drawing on America's love affair with thriller and suspense novels, Full Breach delves into the pathology of our innate nature. Mann's first nail-biting thriller is a spellbinding story that unravels in each chapter. He has successfully crafted a gripping, fast-paced narrative with beautifully drawn characters in an authentic and interesting setting. This novel will not only captivate readers and fans of this type of genre but those who simply enjoy a good story.

A native of Michigan, Mann was born in Detroit and spent his formative years in Kalamazoo. Years later, his family moved to Phoenix Arizona where he attended high school. While still an impressionable teen, Mann began to enjoy books such as the Count of Monte Cristo and novels by authors such as Clive Barker and Dean Koontz, which led to his interests in sci-fi and fantasy. "It was Clive Barker's Imajica that showed me the negligible difference between the art of songwriting and storytelling," says Mann.

Mann became an indefatigable reader and writer at an early age. In fact, he received his first recognition as a writer in kindergarten, winning a young author's contest. Although this was not the defining moment for deciding on a career as a writer, it did impact his subconscious. After spending many years as a songwriter and creating soundtracks for independent films, Mann returned to school studying film, media and small business at Arizona State University. While this gave him the credentials for a professional career in those fields, his desire to create proved, yet again, too powerful to ignore. He felt the time was appropriate to turn dreams into goals, and goals into stories.

Mann injects realism into his work themed with elements of self-destruction and addiction, the world with which he is familiar after struggling for several years with his own demons.

Full Breach is a thriller that takes place in a contemporary setting with quirky characters that bring this carefully written and beautifully structured book to life.

N. Lawrence Mann currently lives in Boston and often commutes to Los Angeles.

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